Logo Registration

A logo is a sign, which can discriminate your services &goods from those of other traders and gives you an exclusive right to use it.

Your logo registration will avert third parties from using, without consent, similar logo for similar goods & services as those protected by registering your logo in India. Logos play a main role in marketing and brand recognition. You can use your logo as a marketing toll so that clients can be aware of your services or products. It is very important to make your business successful and significantly more valuable once you have legalized the ownership of the logo for your service/product.

We offer logo registration and company logo registration services to enhance your business by providing client specifice business logo solutions.Our Logo Registration services help customers in getting this registration comfortably without any problems.

Logo Registration Process

  • Search of Logo
  • Filling of Logo Registration Application
  • Examination of Logo Registration Application
  • Publication of Logo in Trademark Journal
  • Logo Registration Certificate

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